Monthly Archives: August 2012

This week has been…emotional. Poor Nick walks in on me crying quite often- it seems like the smallest things will bring out the tears.

Please hear me- I’m so very excited to be getting this amazing opportunity and can’t wait to start our new lives in the U.A.E., I know that this is where God has placed us for this season and I am thrilled to be a part of it! However, that doesn’t make me less emotional about leaving this place.

Lynchburg is the place where Nick and I met, fell in love, got married and started our life together. This is the place where our church family is, where we serve, where we went to school. This is the place where we have made many friendships, grown in so many ways, and have been loved so well by so many people.

When I think about all of these things, it feels so hard to leave this place. To leave my precious middle school girls who I have seen grow from little 6th graders, who have grown into beautiful young women who are passionate about Jesus.

These are just a few of my sweet girls. I know that saying goodbye to them will be one of the most difficult things about leaving here.

Or saying goodbye to this sweet boy that I have been able to love for more than a year. I love him so much and cry pretty much every time I think about leaving him.

Or my sweet Cote girls who make me laugh and make me think that having all girls one day wouldn’t be as scary as I once thought (Nick still doesn’t feel the call to have a bunch of little girls- ha!).
But at the end of all of it, it always comes down to one thing. It is all worth it. I want to pursue Jesus with my whole heart- because He is worth it. No matter what He asks- He will always be worth it. If I truly believe that He died, paying the debt for my sins, so that I could spend eternity with HIm, how can I not live like it? What we are doing is not extraordinary in any way, it is simply living like Jesus is worth it and following Him where He calls. We are still far from perfect, however we are continuing to strive to be worthy of the calling bestowed upon us.

He promises incredible blessings when we follow Him, more than we could imagine.

Matthew 19:29- “And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or property, for my sake, will receive a hundred times as much in return and will inherit eternal life.”



Lately I have been thinking more about being in a place of “yes.” By this I don’t mean saying yes to everything that anyone asks me to do, but rather saying yes to Christ. No matter what. I truly believe that saying yes comes from a place of willingness, willingness to whatever Christ has for us. I also believe that saying yes happens before you necessarily know the specifics.

I have been reading a book entitled “Anything” which talks about being willing to do anything that Christ asks. Often I feel like I am willing to do anything, but when it comes down to it there are parts of  myself that, if I am honest, are not really there. I hold back parts of myself, keeping them for me, for my own selfish desires.

However, this is not where I want to be, and I am slowly learning how to lay down more of myself, more of my plans, and to say yes more. Yes to whatever God has for me. Yes to things I find inconvenient. Yes to boldly sharing Christ with those who don’t know.

 I don’t want to miss what God has for me because of a lack of obedience, or an unwillingness to say yes.

Recently I was reading in the book “Anything” something that really struck me. Jennie Allen wrote, “What if these small acts of obedience were a small part of a matrix of dominoes unfolding the glory of God (small because, after all, I am a small domino in a huge matrix). Could he bypass me and find another route? Of course- he is God. But what if I laid down my life, my domino, and through that unleashed an army of others who laid down and unleashed their obedience, and through this matrix, God’s glory was displayed through the laying down of lives int he midst of a generation? Just in case God has given me this ridiculous opportunities to display his glory, we (my husband and I) feel compelled to obey, no matter the cost and uncertainty. Because heaven is coming…and soon none of us will care about any other glory but his anyway.”

There are so many times where I have been so overwhelmingly blessed by a choice to say yes. What if I hadn’t said yes to these simple acts of obedience? I would have missed out on this. This trip transformed the way I look at life. In every way. It transformed my view on world missions and my part of God’s plan for this world.

In one month (from today!!) Nick and I will land in another country- in our new home. I am beyond excited and so incredibly thankful that God is allowing us to go there and to serve Him in that way. I don’t want to miss out on any of it by an unwillingness on my part. I want to say yes to all of it- the hard, the dirty, the uncomfortable, and even the painful. Because in the end- heaven is coming, and I want to live like it.